Canada 150×2 Winner!

We are so excited to announce our first winner from our Canada150x2 Contest! Melissa chose to donate the $150 to the Nanaimo SPCA and she was generous enough to share her story of why this cause means so much to her and her family:

“Thank you so much for the generosity.  The contest was such an amazing opportunity to not only win something for my family, but for a cause that I love.  I knew right away that SPCA would be one of my top choices.  Our doggie Sasha is now 16 and we rescued her from the Nanaimo Branch around 14 years ago.  We are so happy to have had her all these years, she is a delight.  It was a funny story, actually she was the only dog who wasn’t barking when we went to pick one out.  She has been such a fun dog.  Here is a picture of her.  Anyways your generosity is much appreciated by both my family and hopefully we can help another animal in the same way Sasha was helped before we were lucky enough to adopt her.”

Thank you to everyone who participated and keep an eye out for more upcoming contests and news!