Re-loadable Prepaid Visa Card

Life isn’t always easy and sometimes not having a credit card makes things harder. You likely know that sometimes merchants insist on a credit card and if you don’t have one it can be frustrating and embarrassing and getting a “regular” credit card can be difficult for some of us.

The answer is a Blue Copper Capital Prepaid Visa Card.

There are many benefits to having a prepaid card, including:

You Can’t Get into Debt

There’s no credit involved so a stored value works like a debit card with benefits. Because you prepay before using the card, you can’t get into debt by using it.

A Tool for Building Good Habits

You set your spending limit, not the card provider. Since you can only spend what you have deposited, you don’t have to worry about overspending or accumulating interest charges. This helps you to build good financial habits. For example: load your monthly grocery budget onto a prepaid card and use it only for groceries; when the money’s gone, your spending stops automatically.

No Credit Check

Because a re-loadable prepaid card is not actually a credit facility, a credit check is not required. All you need are 2 pieces of valid ID and be a Canadian resident to qualify. A prepaid card is given on the basis of your deposited money, so everyone, even those with bad credit are eligible.


Re-loadable cards are accepted just like credit and debit cards, so you can also use them abroad.

Additional Cards

You can add a supplementary card to your account if you like. This is a perfect solution for dependents.

An Alternative to Banks

Some people don’t want a bank card or prefer not to deal with banks. Without linking to a bank account, a prepaid card lets you do things that require a credit card, like renting a car or booking a hotel room.

Widely Accepted

Prepaid cards are as widely accepted as credit cards. They can be used on the Internet, over phone and with any vendor that accepts credit cards. Prepaid cards can also be used to get instant cash from almost all ATM’s


Prepaid cards offer some of the same theft and loss protection as a credit card. Like the best prepaid debit cards, they are protected by a secure PIN number. Prepaid cards are not linked to your bank account so you don’t run the risk of exposing your bank account.

You’re in Control

The activity and usage of a prepaid card can be tracked online or by phone, making it easy to control and monitor spending, while also providing an easy way to keep records.

Associated with VISA

Blue Copper Capital Prepaid Visa® card is issued by All Trans Financial Services Credit Union Ltd. pursuant to license by Visa International Incorporated. Use of the card is governed by the agreement under which it is issued. © Copyright Blue Copper Capital Corporation and CanaCash Financial Services Ltd. All rights reserved.

Blue Copper Capital has chosen VISA, one of the world’s largest financial service corporations and the leading payment card provider in Canada. Your Blue Copper Capital prepaid VISA card can be used at millions of locations world wide and offers you the ultimate in card security.

Fee Structure for Blue Copper Capital Prepaid Visa Card

 Activity  Cost
 Card Purchase  $19.95
 Personalization  Free
 Direct deposit $3.00
 Cash Load  $3.00
 Domestic Point-of-Sale (POS) Transaction  $0.35
 International POS Transaction  $1.75
 Online Statement  Free
 Monthly Service Fee  $4.50
 Automated Customer Care (IVR)  Free
 Live Customer Support  $2.99
 Over-the-counter Bank Withdrawal  $3.99
 Domestic ATM Withdrawal  $1.99
 Domestic ATM Balance Inquiry  $1.00
 Domestic ATM/Cash Advance Decline  $1.00
 International ATM Withdrawal  $3.99
 International ATM Balance Inquiry  $1.00
 International ATM Decline  $3.00
 Card-to-Card Transfer  $3.00
 Reactivation  $2.50
 Foreign Currency Exchange  2.50%
 Secondary Card  $9.95
Card Replacement  $10.00
PIN Change  $0.25
Address Change  Free
Charge Dispute Fee (unsuccessful)  $10.00
Temporary Card Status Change  $1.00
Refund (Close Account)  $10.00


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