Pay Day Loans

If you find yourself a little short of money this month and need fast cash, our pay day loans program provides that solution. Get up to $1,500 cash without a credit check. Whether you need a short term loan to pay bills, fix your car, an unplanned expense or just more money to make things go smoother; Blue Copper Capital can help.

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Our pay day loans program is a short term loan paid back on your next pay cheque. There is no credit check required, the qualifications are 18 or over, gainfully employed, and you must have an active bank account. Upon qualification you can opt to receive your funds in cash or via Interac Etransfer.

Personal Loan Service

We can visit at your home or meet in our office. Your loan application is processed in a timely manner and funds deposited into your account within hours. Choose Blue Copper Capital for a quick and hassle free experience.

To apply/meet you will need the following:

  1. Your last two pay stubs
  2. Bank statement (the last 60 days)
  3. A blank personal cheque
  4. Government issued photo ID

We review your information immediately and let you know how much you can borrow. Provided everything is agreeable, we finalize, print the loan agreement and deposit your cash. It is simple, quick, and efficient.

Call 403-250-0232 Today: Pay day loans in Calgary at affordable rates.

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Pay Day Loans FAQ


How much does it cost for a Payday loan?

The cost of a loan in Alberta is $15 per $100 borrowed. The interest rate varies depending on the length of the loan. For example on a $300 loan you would pay back $345 on your next pay. The cost of a loan in British Columbia is $20 per $100 borrowed. In British Columbia on a $300 loan you would pay back $360 on your next pay.

Payday Loan Calculator

How often can I get a Payday loan?

There is no limit to the number of Payday loans allowed but you cannot have more than one loan at any time. A Payday loan is meant as a short term cash solution. If you are using Payday loans on a frequent basis you should inquire about a personal loan. A personal loan may be better suited to your needs and comes with more competitive rates.

Can I postpone or “roll-over” my loan?

No. A Payday loan is paid back in full on or before your next pay day/due date.

Will you really come meet me to do the loan?

Yes. We have built our business by delivering excellent customer service. From experience we know how much time can be spent getting to a lender and waiting at the lenders location. We prefer to work on your schedule. You can come to one of our locations or we can meet you anywhere in or around the Calgary and Edmonton areas. We make the process both quick and friendly.

Will a good history as a Payday loan customer help if I want an auto or personal loan with Blue Copper Capital in the future?

Absolutely. Many of our customers start out with a small loan and after establishing a history are able to move into term loans, auto loans, consolidation loans, etc. We are a business built from personal relationships and review every application individually. Your good pay day loans history assists us in making an informed decision when/if the time comes for a larger more long term lending solution.

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Please Note:
Payday loan amounts are subject to minimum net pay and other qualifications. Maximum charges permitted in Alberta for a payday loan are $15 per $100 lent (15% of principal); We charge $15 (15%). For a $300 loan for 14 days: Total cost of borrowing $45.00. Annual percentage rate 391.07. This information meets the requirements of the Payday Loans Regulation under the Fair Trading Act. License #330628.


Pay day loans
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