Why Blue Copper Capital is For Me (And Why It Might Be For You Too) – Tanya McCrory

As a customer for over 6 years and an employee for almost 5 years, I can tell you the reasons I would choose Blue Copper Capital over the others. This is what my personal experience has been

  1. Google search
  2. Pick the one that looked fast and simple
  3. Fill out an on-line application
  4. Verify banking with a computer. This worried me – was my information really going to a loan company or to some other country? Generally, there was no one available to ask either
  5. Wait to either receive documents to read and sign on my own or… for the email to say I wasn’t approved with some very basic reason or no reason at all…just declined .

The Blue Copper Capital Experience

Again, this is both my personal experience and the process between myself and a client:

  1. Apply on-line or in one of our offices. If online, we have live chat that actually connects you to a live person right here at Blue Copper Capital
  2. Fill out the application and have the entire process explained as to the whys and wherefores
  3. We get the privilege and time to go over why the loan is needed to be sure we are not lending too much or too little. We like to be sure that you not only have the ability to pay back the loan but also that you are not entering into a cycle with no clear way out. This may mean that you don’t get the loan right that minute but you will leave knowing you are our #1 priority. Whether the answer is yes or no we don’t want to keep you waiting. Once the process of the payday loan is done and explained, we also send an email with the instructions on how to pay back and how to contact us directly. You can text, email or call with any questions or concerns. When I was a customer, I I personally had been able to contact BCC after hours and now my customers know they can reach me whenever they need.
    For our Term/Personal loans, I have listened in on a customer being declined, offered a different option or maybe a smaller amount. Again, a process that I have also been through myself where I was just simply told no by another company (or two) with no reason as to why or how I might improve my situation. This left me feeling that because I was not approved today why would they want to work with me and take a “chance” on me after I have done the work to prove myself. With BCC, I have heard decisions explained in great length, letting the customer know what they need to do to improve their situation or what we can offer them now. There’s no shame of mistakes already made in the past. There’s understanding of what got them into the current situation so BCC can work with them to try and avoid the situation again. If a client has been declined for a larger personal loan, they are educated on how to build not only their credit score but how to build a history with us. This doesn’t mean taking a payday loan every payday, rather only borrow when you need it, be sure to pay on time and keep us up to date on any changes.

How We Treat People

Of course, we have the government regulated rules that we all must follow but what sets us apart is how we are allowed to treat our clients! We don’t have glass that separates us. This allowed me to build an actual relationship with my clients. I know some of my clients better than I know some of my friends. Money is a very personal subject so we are open and expect the same. I am allowed to joke and banter with my clients, I have laughed and literally cried with them as well. I have always been allowed to use my judgment and have really gone to bat for some of my clients when life hasn’t gone as planned.


I was going to end my blog there. However on December 9th I had one of my regular customers email and ask me about the new Club Loans we offer. After a bit of info, I set an appointment with her and started getting her paper work together. While in the office, we chatted all through the process about her kids and mine, life and its ups and downs. Then came time to explain and sign documents. We went over the membership very carefully – this is a first time for her and still new for me. Then came the actual loan agreement – she actually just started signing her copy as I was trying to explain. Given my history with this client I took the chance to ask her why she seemed so care free about signing? Was it because she needed the money so it didn’t matter anyways? Without hesitation she responded with, “I trust you!” She then went on to explain that when she took her first loan, the documents were explained in such detail that she felt comfortable and understood what she was borrowing, the interest and paying us back. With her second loan, she received it online and was sure to look it over for hidden fees and whatever else could possibly be in it. Now after being a customer for a year and getting to know us, she feels as though she can trust that what I said is what is also on the contract, nothing more ,nothing less. She also said what kind of a company sends you the info to tell you how to save money while borrowing from them!!

So, to end my blog, I can say that I have been asked on several occasions if I like working for a “payday” loan place. Because of the reputation that payday loan places have, I can honestly say I don’t think I would if it was anywhere else. But I don’t work for just a payday loan company. I work for a place that is built on Customer Focus, Integrity, Competence and Consistency. We are so much more than payday loans and I am proud to be part of Blue Copper Capital.

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