Category: Money Tips and Technology

How to Prepare For a Recession

A written words Recession Warning on a green road sign over dramatic dark clouds and sky.

“Recession” is a financial term you need to know, whether you’re a business owner or managing personal funds. When you’re unprepared for a recession, it can severely change your financial plans. During the 2020 recession or Great Lockdown, many businesses filed for bankruptcy, and individuals filed consumer proposals because of overwhelming debt. About 48% of […]

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10 Financial Lessons & Skills I Wish I Learned Earlier

Double exposure of city and pen, calculator, money, graph for finance concept

Understanding your personal finances can be overwhelming. Many people don’t know where to start, which can be discouraging. This can keep people from learning about their finances until they are forced to. But learning about your personal finances doesn’t have to be scary! With a bit of planning, a good strategy, and a basic understanding […]

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Financial Terms You Need to Know: Net Pay, DSR, Cash Flow, & More

Word cloud illustration of different financial terms

Getting a handle on your own finances seems daunting, especially when the industry’s jargon is unfamiliar. (That’s why you leave it to the pros, right?) But having a basic understanding of some common financial terms can help you navigate your finances a little better and save you some time to focus on investing or nurturing […]

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