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How to Rebuild Credit

A man checking his credit report using a smartphone and a laptop.

It’s no secret that many Canadians are facing significant financial challenges. If you’re struggling to repay debt and maintain good credit, you’re not alone. The economic landscape presents hurdles that make it difficult for many to maintain their financial stability.  Rebuilding your credit can take time. With patience and persistence, it is possible. Some of […]

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How to Qualify for a Line of Credit

A female banker checks the credit points of a person applying for a line of credit.

When you think of credit, what comes to mind? For many, it’s a credit card. And while credit cards are great for various reasons, there are other forms of credit you can look for. A line of credit might be a better choice for you and your financial situation. Lines of credit operate similarly to […]

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What is a Consumer Proposal & How Does it Affect Credit

Consumer Proposal is shown on a photo using the text.

A consumer proposal is one of many options that people can use to manage their debt. However, consumer proposals can be complicated and have a huge impact on your credit. Before making any decisions, it’s important to understand all options available to you and speak with experts who can give you the right advice. A […]

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How Long Does it Take to Improve Your Credit Score?

Percentage sign and graph showing upward move throughout months of credit score

When thinking about your financial goals, consider adding “improve my credit score” to the list. A good credit score can significantly impact your credit availability, the likelihood of qualifying for a personal or business loan, line of credit, and getting the best interest rates.  Simply put, your credit score could save you money in the […]

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