Blue Copper Capital – Not Just An Employee

As I got ready for my interview at Blue Copper Capital I felt a bit nervous. I had never taken out a loan of any kind, let alone actually walked through the doors of a loan company. I arrived at the Calgary Macleod location and was a bit taken back by what I saw: a nicely laid out office, a few chairs, a coffee table, even a bowl of everyone’s favorite candy, Hi-Chews, on the desk upfront. This was nothing like what I had pictured in my mind. There were no tellers behind glass windows, snapping one worded replies at you. It was a regular welcoming office with friendly people. I learned right away that I had got the job, no nervous wait period. Blue Copper Capital has now been my employer for 1 year and 6 months. 

A lot has happened in that time, not just profesionally but personally.. Moving house twice, one new set of tires, an epi pen, the loss of a family member, signing my daughter up for her first year of playschool and ballet class, as well as learning I’d be adding another member to my family! Needless to say, all of those things have been expensive. As people always say… life happens, and it doesn’t pause for anything. I took out my very first ever payday loan to help with these expenses. It started out managable, but then I got stuck into the payday loan cycle. Luckily for me, we started offering a new way of lending, The Blue Copper Club! The Club is so exciting because not only does it offer a better interest rate than any payday loan but it also offers many educational and fun events! With the Club I’ve been able to learn more about financial health, I got to have a fun night out seeing one of the best Marvel movies made. Now after a long 9 month pregnancy, I’ll be able to go get a massage to help me feel my best for a year with my older daughter and new baby boy! All of these wonderful club benefits, on top of getting unstuck from the payday loan cycle. I’ll always recommend the Club to someone who’s found themselves stuck taking out a payday loan repeatedly. I would recommend this not just as an employee of Blue Copper Capital, but as a customer of Blue Copper Capital. 

Joining the Blue Copper Capital Team has been amazing. I’ve created amazing friendships, not just with my coworkers, but with many of our amazing customers who I’ll always be grateful are a part of my life. I’m glad that when I walked through those doors I saw such a welcoming environment. Now as I walk out of those same doors for my maternity leave I can say, with nothing but happiness, I will be back. 

Sincerely, Ebony, not just an employee.

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