Personal Relationships Still Matter

We are in an age and time where we migrate more and more online and electronically for our transactions. We do it for convenience, efficiency and savings. Additionally we are now doing it for the health and wellbeing of those around us and for the greater good. 

What can be lost in the rush to electronic finance is the value that personal relationships still have in the world of finance. We embrace being able to seamlessly pay bills, send money and manage our accounts online. This is fantastic and generally using these measures gives us a better quality of life, a better credit score and less stress, so why care if you know your lender or they know you? 

For the tough times. For when things aren’t going exactly as planned. For when you need someone to know your face and your personality. If they know that, then they also know how important doing the right thing is to you and how seriously you take your commitments. Build relationships with your lender and financial partners. Let them into your life a little. Share the good and bad times with them. Grow together. If your lender isn’t interested in building a relationship with you, find a different lender. 

We are often asked how we knew someone would pay us back even though their history or credit score may not reflect the good history they have with Blue Copper Capital. Our answer is that we got to know them. That we listened and learned what and how they got to where they are. That we believe in them and what they are doing. We can say, without it being corny, that we looked each other in the eye and made an agreement. 

All companies (rightfully so) feel they have the best clients and staff. In the last few weeks we have proven it over and over to ourselves. Our clients have felt comfortable communicating their true situations, good or bad, with us because they know us. They know we will listen and do what we can, when we can, because we know their face or their voice. We know their kids names. We know their habits. We know their sincerity. 

Having personal relationships with so many of our clients has helped our business. Knowledge is power and when we proactively know what is/will be happening we can plan. We aren’t a big bank. We are the little guy and live very similar to many of our clients. Our biggest currency (yes even more than money) is our relationships. For many years we have preached knowing our clients and working with our clients and in the current times are proving out the value of those relationships. 

This isn’t saying you need to be a buddy with your financial partners. It’s to encourage having more of a relationship than an account number and a passcode with a secret question. It’s being able to send an email to a specific person. Having someone to ask for when you call. If you prefer texting, being able to text a number and having a picture in your head who is responding. 

Having a personal relationship with your lender provides comfort and confidence in uncertain times. It is the shared joy in great times or a helping hand and real advice in tough times. Personal relationships still matter to the right lenders and borrowers.

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