Invest Locally

Investing locally is always an option.

We have trusted Dave and Blue Copper for over 12 years with a portion of our investment portfolio.  Blue Copper offers multiple options with solid returns which is what every investor is looking for isn’t it?   We have always found Dave very attentive to any questions we might have and the communication is second to none.  If we have a question we might fire off a quick text – knowing exactly who is going to answer that question and how quickly it’s returned provides priceless peace of mind as an investor.  We certainly don’t get the service from the “big guys” that we enjoy from Blue Copper. 

It’s not unusual to find ourselves in the neighbourhood from time to time where we’ll drop in unannounced.  It seems we’re always welcomed with open arms and we receive a 15 minute update on where Blue Copper is at that moment and what the future plans are.  Deeper than our investment in Blue Copper, Dave is sincerely interested in what we are do outside of “investing”.  What we’re up to, where our kids are and how they are navigating through their lives is always a topic of conversation.

We have been fortunate enough to see Blue Copper thrive from its infancy.  We invested our money in a fledging business based on a personal relationship hoping it would work out.  We have since invested each and every year as our trust in Blue Copper and Dave has continued to grow and our returns flourish.  An added benefit to this mutually beneficial relationship is the answers we get to basic car questions that we are certainly not qualified to answer and “the big 5” aren’t interested in.  e.g. what does 235/45R18 actually mean on a tire?

You always hear about how having a “balanced portfolio” and how “diversifying your investments” is important.  Blue Copper has provided a vehicle for us like no other and we’re thrilled to have been involved from the beginning.  We look forward to many years to come with the team at Blue Copper and the unparalleled personal service we get as an investor.

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